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Dembo Jobe


Dembo is a highly experienced and enthusiastic fitness coach with a proven track record in coaching clients to achieve their fitness goals. He has been in the fitness industry for over 10 years and has worked for one of the most respected boxing gyms in the country; the world-famous Peacock Gym. In his youth, Dembo competed as an amateur level kickboxer and trained under a well-respected coach, Chris McNeish. With unrivalled energy and sporting knowledge, Dembo is committed to helping his clients discover their passion for fitness and wellbeing. If you choose to train with Dembo, real results will follow.

Lonyo Engele-Ifale


Lonyo is a very enthusiastic boxing coach, who is from a sporting background. Lonyo is highly experienced and has been a certified ABA boxing coach for over 7 years. He was under the watchful eye of a well-respected boxing coach, John Tandy. He has coached beginners and trained female amateur boxing champion, Asia Privitera.

Lonyo’s expertise includes teaching the boxing fundamentals, he believes to master the fundamentals you need to use 50% of hand and 50% of feet. He specialises in MITT/pad work combinations with a unique approach to ensure sessions are varied and enjoyable, he will push you to reach your personal goals. His true passion lies in helping clients find their passion for boxing in a fun, enjoyable way. If you choose to train with Lonyo, you will see a vast improvement in your boxing.

Shelly Sweeney


Shelly born and raised in the boxing world, believes that boxing has the power to transform lives, not just by improving fitness, but by improving mental health, confidence, and resilience. She is an experienced boxing coach having, represented her country and became a 3 x national champion.

After competing Shelly decided to turn her hands over and dedicate her life to the coaching side of the sport and is now a level 2 England Boxing Coach and GB Boxing Tutor. She will push you to reach your personal goals, her true passion lies in helping clients find their passion for boxing in a fun, enjoyable way. Shelly approach is to help you master the boxing fundamentals to enhance your boxing and fitness levels with the correct technique. If you are interested in learning how to box to keep fit, Shelly is the right coach for you.

Maryam Abdur-Rahman

Personal Coach

Passionate about helping clients find joy in movement, Maryam’s philosophy is that regardless of age, size and ability – we are all athletes. Maryam’s sessions are designed to challenge you, all while adding value beyond the studio walls.

Whether you are a seasoned fitness professional or a mama keeping fit during pregnancy, guaranteed you will cross the finish line in every session feeling like a champ!

Special Interests

General fitness |Strength and Conditioning | Injury Rehabilitation | Pre and postnatal

Jessi Clare


Jessi is an enthusiastic level 3 fitness trainer. She has a real passion for weight training, functional movements, and overall well-being. Jessi’s expertise includes Strength and Conditioning and Females-Hormonal. Her true passion lies in helping clients find their true passion for fitness in a fun, enjoyable way. If you are interested in finding your passion for fitness, she is the right coach for you. If you choose to train with Jessi, you will see a vast improvement in your fitness and well-being.

Alexis Ajavon


Ex-professional Basketball player, Alexis has been working as a Personal Trainer for over 15 years after a successful Basketball career having played in the states and around Europe. He specialises in strength and conditioning, weight loss, and boxing. Having come from a sporting background, Alexis has a true passion for helping clients fulfill their fitness goals in a fun and enjoyable way. He is a very positive trainer and will push you to your limits, to reach your full potential.

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